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What brings you here and who am I??

Let's Take A Look...

Let's start out by what brings you to my site?  Let me be the first to tell you the first step to obtaining a more fulfilling life or start the process of healing is completed! One of the most challenging things in life is to ask for help. It's actually one of the bravest choices and often leads to positive change and success! Yes, I have a specialized interest in women's mental health like exploring having children, pregnancy, postpartum, parenting, and other unique experiences of women. However, I do treat all genders and a variety of mental health concerns and challenges we all as humans face. I treat depression, anxiety, trauma, OCD, and ADHD. I also provide couples and family therapy. LGBTQIA welcome! 

Now a bit about me...I'm not your average therapist!  I like to keep things real. I'm approachable, genuine, and non-judgmental...Just because I have gone through lengthy and specific education and training does not put me on some pedestal.  Life is messy, and I believe each one of my clients are the experts of their lives. I can provide insight, education, and techniques, but the change and growth are yours to own and embrace.   If the clinical stuff interests you, I am a Humanistic psychotherapist.  The treatment modalities I typically use are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I graduated from Mount Mary University in 2014 with a Masters of Science in clinical mental health.  I completed my 3000 post graduate supervised clinical hours at Rogers Behavioral Health.  I began my outpatient career with ProHealth Care and then at a small group practice that morphed into a large corporate money making machine which does not jive with my style at all.  It may have been the push I needed to venture off on my own. I began my individual private practice in August 2023.  Check out the link below for my verified information on Psychology Today. Also my blog and social media links will give you a better idea of my style and me as a human.

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