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The First Blog…

I have been looking forward to getting my website and this blog up and running for several months now. I write a lot and want to share it all! I finally have the time to focus on making an actual post, and I am not sure where to begin. I have so many topics I wrote about already, and it became a challenge to figure out what to post first. I ended up starting from scratch, and I’m going with just a little about myself.

I graduated with my Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2014. I was already working in the field as a community mental health case manager in Milwaukee County. Immediately after graduating, I was offered a position at Rogers Behavioral Health where I could complete my 3,000 post graduate clinical hours to become licensed. I stayed there for about 4 years. After that, I began my outpatient journey at another large hospital system, ProHealth Care. I stayed there through the start and height of the the COVID pandemic, and I decided to leave when it was decided that my daughters school would be virtual. I had to figure out how to help her navigate 2nd grade and take care of my twins who weren’t in school yet. I began to figure that out and took a part time position at a small group practice which allowed me the flexibility I needed at the time. My practice continued to grow, and I only had an office to use 2 days a week. I decided to take an opportunity at another group practice where I could expand further. I felt very content there until the owner decided to sell his practice to a large nationwide business that prioritized monetary gain over patient care. I tried to keep my focus where it belonged, but my patients ultimately began to become impacted, so I knew I needed to do something. I never thought I’d be in a place to open my own practice, but here I am. I saw an opportunity for some office space, and I took the leap. That’s the summary of my career which I have a lot to expand on in future posts.

On a more personal level, I have lived in the Milwaukee area my whole life. I am the youngest sibling in my family. I have 2 older brothers. I’ve always loved sports, art, music, and people. My favorite people in the world are 2 girls and a boy that call me “mommy.” I am grateful to be a mother to a 10 year old girl and 7 year old boy/girl twins. Like everyone’s journey my story isn’t quite that simple, but again I can save that for future posts…

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