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Therapy Services

Below are the types of sessions I provide


Initial Assessment- $200

Prior to our first appointment, I'll have you complete some initial intake forms along with other assessments that will assist me getting to know you and what brings you to therapy.  During our first appointment, I will complete the psychological assessment, and we will come up with some initial goals to work on.

**Please note this is the cost of  the initial session.  The cost for specific standardized diagnostic assessments varies.  Assessments I provide are ADHD ages 12 and up, obsessive compulsive disorder, trauma, and substance use.


Follow-up individual Therapy Sessions $155

These sessions are 60 minutes.  We will work on exploring underlying themes throughout your life and continue to identify ways to problem solve and better cope with your symptoms.


Family and Couples Follow-up sessions $160

These sessions are 60 minutes.  I will work with you and your partner or family to help understand themes and dynamics that are crucial when working on relationships and the family system.

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